Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Miracle 1: On Thursday we had dinner with the Venturi's (members in our ward) and they invited their friend who named her eight month old son Elijah and had asked them if they knew anything about the prophet Elijah. They told her that they were having us over for dinner and that we could answer her question. We talked about who Elijah was and tied it into the Restoration. The Spirit worked upon her and she set a date to get baptized on the 3rd of August.

Miracle 2: On Sunday before leaving the apartment we prayed together as we usually do. I felt prompted to ask that we would find someone who the Lord had prepared for us to teach. As we traveled to our appointment a man that we had tracted into on Father's day popped into my mind. Elder Moolenbeek remembered where he lived. We went to his house and he let us in. It was clear he had been going through a tough time. The nuclear power plant he is working at is about to close down and he is going to have to take a pay cut to keep a job. We told him that our message would help him be happier and bring him closer to his two boys that live with him. He said he would like that and we are going back to share the Restoration with him tonight.

Thank you so much for all the love and prayers and for my awesome family who are all such great examples to me :)

Elder Orgill

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Mission Prez

Well we just had interviews with President Kendrick last week! He's awesome! He is super driven and has a Texas accent ha-ha. The work in Carlsbad 3rd is going great! Our investigator Megan in getting baptized on August 10th! Her mom is a member but has been less active for a while. Megan's 16 and has lots of friends at church from her high school.
I gotta go but I'll write letters
Love Elder Orgill

New mission prez!
Hey everybody! I don't have a lot of time today. We had to email today because the mission is getting split tomorrow and President Cook is leaving. If I could make a request it would be awesome if you could look up missionary object lessons on the internet and send a few cool ones to me they really help with kids. It would also be awesome if you could forward Kelly's emails and maybe send me Dominic’s email and I could get my other friend's from him.
Thank you all for everything!
Elder Orgill
The mission is still going great! I'm gonna send home my sd card with all my pictures finally but I'll send you some today first. So I feel like I haven't told any funny stories lately so here you go:

The other day I was about to go on an exchange with one of the missionaries in my district. As I was packing I felt prompted to take an extra white shirt. During the exchange we were walking and a truck drove by and lobbed a handful of ketchup at me that got all over my shirt. After laughing I thanked Heavenly Father for having me bring an extra shirt to change into.

We were waiting out side of our apartment for a ride and these two Jehovah's Witness ladies came up to us and started talking to us. They tried to Bible bash but I have a no bashing policy so we turned it into a friendly conversation. While we were talking to them a bird flew over us and defecated on my shoulder. So yeah that was pretty crazy. I made a slightly sac-religious joke that the Spirit had descended in the form of a dove and then went in to change my shirt.

Well I have to go now. This guy next to me talked to me for most of my time.
Love, Elder Orgill

Hey everybody, so it's probably the nicest weather I have ever been in today. It's cool and sunny and the sky and ocean look beautiful. I got to go to the San Diego temple last week which was awesome! That's why I didn't have time to write much last week. I'm on crunch time this week too but I do have a cool story I would like to tell. Grandma Crouch sent me a copy of her talk about a month ago with her conversion experience and her experience of being sealed to my Grandpa who had passed away. We had dinner with a family and their neighbor who was not a member and the member asked us to prepare a lesson on Eternal families because her neighbor's husband had recently passed away. I felt prompted to bring the letter and read it during the lesson. It was very powerful and most of the people present had tears. I'm so grateful for my righteous, kind, and inspired Grandma who's example along with my Grandpa's have led me to understand what it means to live a Christ like life.
Elder Orgill

Grateful for righteous examples