Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Staying in Carlsbad 3rd ward - Just got a lot more busy

So I just got a lot more busy these past couple days. I got assigned to be a district leader and to be a trainer. I'm gonna be staying in the Carlsbad 3rd ward. Elder Haskin is going home after serving faithfully for two years and I will be meeting my new missionary today at transfer meeting. It's pretty scary but I know it's gonna be a lot of fun. It has definitely taught me to rely on the Lord a lot more especially because I have become very aware of my many weaknesses. But I do have a testimony of how through earnest prayer in faith all things are possible. I have had several experiences on my mission where the Lord has given me hard things to do that I could not accomplish otherwise but through earnest prayer I have seen miracles.
On other news our investigator Mike Mackenzie got baptized last Saturday! He has not been confirmed yet because it was Stake Conference (which Elder Quentin L. Cook came to!) but he will be this Sunday. Also we set a baptismal date for June 1st with this sweet lady named Madonna Snelson who is 84 years old. Her husband was a less active member of the church and she has been meeting with the missionaries for quite some time. Two nights ago we were talking to these three guys somewhere in their 50s on the street who had been drinking a little bit and an orange light started flying across the sky and then disappeared. One of the guys named Steve said "Gentlemen, we have all just witnessed a UFO sighting" and then proceeded to shake everyone's hand. We also saw a huge group of about 150 big tough looking bikers at the park having an egg toss. It looked like a giant family reunion for biker gangs.
Thank you all for the support and love you send. I hope to be the kind of missionary that deserves it. I just want to bare my testimony of the truth and power that come from the Spirit when we read the words of prophets in the Book of Mormon and other scriptures and am thankful for my family who helped me know how important it was from an early age.
Love, Elder Orgill :)

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