Monday, May 5, 2014

Week of Faith

Well this week was pretty cool I got to testify in Spanish a little bit which was hard but fun haha. I'm also getting used to the new Zone. I really like them, it's pretty fun to be working with Spanish missionaries. We're do this thing in our mission that this Sister came up with during MLC called "Week of Faith" where everyone in the mission is setting a goal to try to get 20 contacts every day to try to build our faith to find. It's really exciting I think it's gonna unify our mission alot and help us to not only find more people but have a greater abundace of the Spirit with us. I'm even more stoked because Valley Center is the hardest place to get contacts in our mission because it's so spread apart but we're gonna be talking to everyone while we're shopping today at Wal mart and were gonna stop at every fruit stand we see to talk to the people there. We even got 3 contacts this morning while we were running which was pretty sweet. It's really pretty hard to contact over here, we normally get between 5-8 every day talking to everyone we see but if we can get 20 contact every day though and still teach the same amount of lessons we normally do it's gonna raise the faith of our zone and mission a lot so I'm pretty excited. Haha when we said we were in at MLC President said if Valley Center can do it, anyone can do it. I'm just so excited cause I know this will help our missionaries a lot because every time we open our mouths we show our faith and are filled with the Spirit. And a Spirit filled missionary is a happy one.
I love you all
Elder orgill

Zebra companionship

So I discovered that it's super hard to learn a language in one week. This is the only zebra companionship in our mission so I seriously had no idea this would happen. The good this is though that I have a companion who is a boss. His name is Elder Olvera and he is from Kansas city Missouri but his parents are from Mexico and Honduras. He reminds me a lot of Jared Bolding and he's probably the best Spanish missionary in the mission. I'm so excited for this transfer it's gonna be awesome. We already have a lot of stuff moving in both Spanish and English we just need to start setting up splits every night so we can make it to all the lessons. Like I said it's really hard to contribute in Spanish lessons so we need some ward missionaries that speak spanish. We did have one lesson where the Dad spoke spanish and the kid spoke both so we just split up and taught two different lessons on opposite sides of the room so that worked out pretty well. They also changed it up so that we're over the Escondido zone instead of the San Marcos zone which is pretty different. It's mainly a Spanish zone.

Our investigator Raymond has been doing awesome! He has been fellowshiping all our other investogators and had us teach his cousin last week who wants her and her Mom to start coming to church. She said she would like to get baptized. It's so cool to see how much that kid has grown.

I'm just so greatful for everything right now, I wouldn't trade these expiriencees I've had coming to know my Father in Heaven and understand how he speaks to me for anything.

I'm greatful for all of you who helped me to come out here.

Elder Orgill

 Oh this is probably the funniest district I have ever met. 

And this is definitely the funniest companionship in our mission


Elder Ballard came to our mission for a special mission conference this Saturday which was awesome! That had to be the coolest meeting I've ever been in. He was just in such a relaxed setting it was awesome. I remember praying during the days coming up to the meeting to receive a witness of the Spirit specifically that he was an Apostle of Jesus Christ. The meeting started with his 2 companion who were other general authorities or area authorities or something. They both spoke very powerfully and talked about the importance of the truth "the more people you talk to, the more people you'll baptize". They also said a lot of other profound truths of missionary work, and talked about how to be completely consecrated to the Lord., Then Elder Ballard spoke and he expounded on 3 principles: talking to more people (the same as the others), teaching to understanding (requiring us to understand on a deeper level), and how the work is only done through the Savior. The whole meeting was spiritually filling and will change my mission and life forever but I still had not noticed anything that would distinguish him as an apostle. Then he closed the meeting with his testimony of Jesus Christ as the head of this church and I was overcome with the Spirit, he bore testimony of Jesus Christ in a way no one else could and I will always remember the experience as a witness that we truly do have modern day apostles who are special witnesses of Jesus Christ.

-We had a really great lesson with Marianna this week. Our recent convert Raymond came and did incredible. It was so powerful to see the Holy Ghost speak through him. You could definitely tell a difference from before he was baptized.

-So remember how I was bit by a dog a couple weeks ago while trying to hunt down a part member family who ended up not being interested? Well we go to Raymond's house on Easter for dinner and we see the part member family there. Turns out their friends with Raymond's family. We start talking to them and they said a week after the dog bit me it gets hit by a truck and dies. Crazy! I guess it's not a good idea to bite missionaries haha.

-So the craziest thing in the world happened during transfer calls. I found out I'm staying! I was so sure I was gonna go because Elder Wilkins has only been here for two transfers and I've been here 3 but he's the one that's leaving. It get's even crazier. There aren't enough Spanish missionaries in the mission and so their taking out the set of Spanish Elders in our ward and turning us into a zebra companionship. So it's just gonna be me and one Spanish missionary taking over all of valley center. Both areas were super busy so we're gonna have to go on splits every night and when we're not Split I'll have to teach some of the lesson's in Spanish. Plus we're still ZL's so I have no idea how we're gonna get it all done. I'll be relying on the Lord more than I ever have this transfer. I feel so inadequate it's not even funny. It's gonna be crazy.

Elder Orgill