Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hey everybody, so it's probably the nicest weather I have ever been in today. It's cool and sunny and the sky and ocean look beautiful. I got to go to the San Diego temple last week which was awesome! That's why I didn't have time to write much last week. I'm on crunch time this week too but I do have a cool story I would like to tell. Grandma Crouch sent me a copy of her talk about a month ago with her conversion experience and her experience of being sealed to my Grandpa who had passed away. We had dinner with a family and their neighbor who was not a member and the member asked us to prepare a lesson on Eternal families because her neighbor's husband had recently passed away. I felt prompted to bring the letter and read it during the lesson. It was very powerful and most of the people present had tears. I'm so grateful for my righteous, kind, and inspired Grandma who's example along with my Grandpa's have led me to understand what it means to live a Christ like life.
Elder Orgill

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