Thursday, July 11, 2013

The mission is still going great! I'm gonna send home my sd card with all my pictures finally but I'll send you some today first. So I feel like I haven't told any funny stories lately so here you go:

The other day I was about to go on an exchange with one of the missionaries in my district. As I was packing I felt prompted to take an extra white shirt. During the exchange we were walking and a truck drove by and lobbed a handful of ketchup at me that got all over my shirt. After laughing I thanked Heavenly Father for having me bring an extra shirt to change into.

We were waiting out side of our apartment for a ride and these two Jehovah's Witness ladies came up to us and started talking to us. They tried to Bible bash but I have a no bashing policy so we turned it into a friendly conversation. While we were talking to them a bird flew over us and defecated on my shoulder. So yeah that was pretty crazy. I made a slightly sac-religious joke that the Spirit had descended in the form of a dove and then went in to change my shirt.

Well I have to go now. This guy next to me talked to me for most of my time.
Love, Elder Orgill

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