Monday, May 5, 2014

Week of Faith

Well this week was pretty cool I got to testify in Spanish a little bit which was hard but fun haha. I'm also getting used to the new Zone. I really like them, it's pretty fun to be working with Spanish missionaries. We're do this thing in our mission that this Sister came up with during MLC called "Week of Faith" where everyone in the mission is setting a goal to try to get 20 contacts every day to try to build our faith to find. It's really exciting I think it's gonna unify our mission alot and help us to not only find more people but have a greater abundace of the Spirit with us. I'm even more stoked because Valley Center is the hardest place to get contacts in our mission because it's so spread apart but we're gonna be talking to everyone while we're shopping today at Wal mart and were gonna stop at every fruit stand we see to talk to the people there. We even got 3 contacts this morning while we were running which was pretty sweet. It's really pretty hard to contact over here, we normally get between 5-8 every day talking to everyone we see but if we can get 20 contact every day though and still teach the same amount of lessons we normally do it's gonna raise the faith of our zone and mission a lot so I'm pretty excited. Haha when we said we were in at MLC President said if Valley Center can do it, anyone can do it. I'm just so excited cause I know this will help our missionaries a lot because every time we open our mouths we show our faith and are filled with the Spirit. And a Spirit filled missionary is a happy one.
I love you all
Elder orgill

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