Monday, May 5, 2014

Zebra companionship

So I discovered that it's super hard to learn a language in one week. This is the only zebra companionship in our mission so I seriously had no idea this would happen. The good this is though that I have a companion who is a boss. His name is Elder Olvera and he is from Kansas city Missouri but his parents are from Mexico and Honduras. He reminds me a lot of Jared Bolding and he's probably the best Spanish missionary in the mission. I'm so excited for this transfer it's gonna be awesome. We already have a lot of stuff moving in both Spanish and English we just need to start setting up splits every night so we can make it to all the lessons. Like I said it's really hard to contribute in Spanish lessons so we need some ward missionaries that speak spanish. We did have one lesson where the Dad spoke spanish and the kid spoke both so we just split up and taught two different lessons on opposite sides of the room so that worked out pretty well. They also changed it up so that we're over the Escondido zone instead of the San Marcos zone which is pretty different. It's mainly a Spanish zone.

Our investigator Raymond has been doing awesome! He has been fellowshiping all our other investogators and had us teach his cousin last week who wants her and her Mom to start coming to church. She said she would like to get baptized. It's so cool to see how much that kid has grown.

I'm just so greatful for everything right now, I wouldn't trade these expiriencees I've had coming to know my Father in Heaven and understand how he speaks to me for anything.

I'm greatful for all of you who helped me to come out here.

Elder Orgill

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