Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Run, run, run

 Hey everybody I just wanted to say thank you so much for that book of pictures and messages from all of you! It helps me so much whenever I read it.  It just gives me a boost and keeps me on track and working hard. Hope those of you in Hawaii are having fun. Haha it's so funny, everyone here is always on vacation, even though they basically live in paradise and most of the time they go to Hawaii. It's pretty sweet, at ever members house they have super expensive berries and fresh avocados for dinner (like every single night). It's pretty awesome cause I'm probably not gonna get to eat this many berries ever again.
 I love my mission so much I have already learned and grown a lot. I know for a fact this is where I am supposed to be and that I was supposed to speak english. I am already convinced this is the best mission in the wold haha ;)
 My mission president is awesome he always is inspired in everything he says and does. His wife is awesome haha her overall rule is to run. If you are sick, run. If you throw up, run. If you hate running, run. Alot of missionaries hate it but we have the lowest cost for health care out of all the missions in the world. The first thing she told me when she heard about my ankle was to run and I did. I have seen so much progress with it and I know it will be back to 100% some time in the near future.
 I have already learned about the importance of obedience. Elder Alldridge and I strive to be exactly obedient and everything we do and I have already seen blessings from it. My trainer Elder Alldridge is awesome, we are getting some real unity down when we teach and in everything else we do. I am definetly gonna go visit him at Utah State after my mission. Haha it's funny because all my shirts are BYU and his are USU. Just a little bit about him, he is big into football he won state and played safety on the westcoast all star team on his high school team in Logan. He is 6 foot but pretty tiny for a football player. Big into running, played lax all of high school and is the oldest of 2.
 By the way Stu! We were at the Greives for dinner last week and they told us about their son who served in Mexico and we found out he was your companion! I gotta go soon but I just wanted to tell you some of the funny stuff that has happened on my mission. I have met the craziest people of my whole life out here (though I love them with all my heart) and I won't even try to explain some of the stories because I wouldn't do them justice but here is a list of the greeny things I have down during my first transfer (which is almost over!)
1. Fell asleep in my slacks because I was so tired
2. Fell asleep during nightly planning because I was so tired.
3. Forgot my tag to my first member dinner
4. Put my tag on backwards        
5. Called myself Sister Orgill, then Brother Orgill, then finally Elder Orgill haha........
Other stuff that I will remember next time

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