Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Work is picking up!

Hey Dad and everyone else! Things are going great here in Carlsbad California! The work has really picked up since I talked to you last. That first week was a lot of tracking and unsuccessful attempts at talking to less actives. We talked to every person we came across on the street and we knocked on so many doors but we had no success. Elder Alldridge were sorrowful that we could not make these people happy but we knew that the work was about to explode. Last Tuesday after I emailed all of you, I read Mom's conversion story and Sterling's letter that I hadn't read yet and my heart was filled with power, love, and comfort. I had this feeling like we were about to see a lot of success and that the Lord would bless us with opportunities if we continued to be obedient. I have many weaknesses but through the grace of our Savior all things are possible.
I was reading in 3 Nephi the next day and came across the part where the 12 apostles that Jesus had just called were praying and being sanctified through His atonement. I often remember the cleansing ability of the atonement and forget about how we can be sanctified through it and become better, more like our Savior. It said that as they prayed He smiled and His countenance shown upon them. I prayed very hard to be sanctified and have His countenance shown upon me. I could feel myself being filled with His love and felt guided in all that I said and did.
We then started to experience huge success we went to this less active person's house and no one was home so we went across the street to a apartment complex and knocked on one door. The person spoke no English and said no one else in the complex did. We went to another door and met this lady named Maritza. She spoke English and said we could come back the next day. She is in her early 20s and has a cute little boy who is very nice and a Mom and husband who do not speak English. When we came back we taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized on March 2nd. She said she felt a peace and would work towards that date. After that the work started to explode. It seems like every other door we knock on is another potential investigator.
This guy named Omar who works at Shell and is currently homeless came up to us and asked us to start teaching him and this guy named Joe pulled over asked us for a Book of Mormon and then let us teach him at his house. I feel so blessed all the time. (Quick tangent) we were riding our bikes and were passing a cross walk when I suddenly just slam on my brakes and a car zooms a foot in front of me. We had the right of way and I didn't even see the car coming…. I just slammed on the brakes without thinking. I know that the Lord is looking out for me.
*I have to go soon…..
This ward has not had a baptism in 6 months so the recent success has really pumped everyone up. I got to bear my testimony this Sunday and I think everyone got really excited about missionary work. Our ward mission leader is awesome and always is looking out for us and the Bishop is very wise and guided. I feel blessed beyond what I deserve but am willing to do whatever the Lord wants.
I got the packages which were awesome! No letters yet because they are being forwarded. Yes, Karie I can see the pictures and thank you so much for the ones in the mail. Kim, you can send the pull up bar whenever and can Mom send an assistance band. I love you all, and will work on letters. :)
Love, Elder Orgill

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