Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We can do this!

Thank you so much Mom and everyone else! I have loved all of your comfort in the letters and emails I have received. I promise I will work on writing y’all back haha. I'm so sorry it's taken so long but we can only write on p day and the last couple ones have been hectic. I got to go to the San Diego temple today! It is the most beautiful temple I have ever been in! It's awesome in this mission we get to go to the temple 4 times a year. The San Diego if you are in the southern part and the Newport if you are in the north. By the way I am in the Del Mar stake which is a really rich area and is close to the beach. It's also the lowest baptizing stake in our mission but Elder Alldridge and I have been working really hard to change that. Our ward only had two baptisms last year but their new goal for the year is nine. I know we can achieve that we have been working really hard to find lots of new investigators and get our members in gear to help us out. This week has flown by! It feels like I'm already getting scared my mission is going too fast haha. It started off pretty hard, we had a crazy night on Thursday with all these crazy people and then Friday it seemed like everyone just hated us. We focus a lot on contacts in our mission which is talking to people on the street. On Saturday we got up and we did not want to talk to anyone after the day before. But we put some smiles on and talked to everyone we saw. We were so blessed we found this Hispanic family and had the most powerful lesson I have ever been in. We set baptismal dates for the parents and the two kids that were old enough. I feel so blessed out here I just see tender mercies from the Lord all the time. I can feel your prayers for me as I work. More recently we have been acting more and more like sister missionaries haha. We started making brownies for investigators and less actives which really helps soften people's hearts and let them know that you care about them (especially when you drop by during the 8 o’clock hour). Plus we have been making index cards for members with their commitments, encouragement, and their follow up date on them. Oh by the way I got the book that you all made which is awesome! I love it so much! It has really encouraged me to work harder. Thank you so much for the encouraging and inspiring messages and for Mom and Dad's testimonies. I love you all so much I really wish I could be more specific and talk to all of you but I will work on those letters so I can do so. Thank you so much Grandma for all the letters! I just got them yesterday so I will read them tonight! I'm so excited that you are going to the temple! I love going so much, it is really just a time where you can feel close to God and be at peace from the world. You guys are the best family ever. I don't know what I would do without you. I will work my hardest out here so that I can represent you, the Lord and His church well.
Love, Elder Jeffrey Buchannon Orgill :)

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