Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Miracle after Miracle

Dear awesome family,

This week was awesome! The work has exploded with miracle after miracle. It was really hard at first to double in here (both me and my companion are new to the area).We had been working as hard as we could to try and get our feet moving. Our Bishop counseled us to teach the PMG lessons to the members which was hesitant with at first because I had found it hard because the members would get bored so in my last area I would always just build a lesson plan around the invitation I wanted to give them and had the freedom to expound into deep scripture that would interest them. But we followed his counsel and prayed about how we could tailor the lessons to the members. We had to get creative and come up with object lessons and figure out how to tie it into missionary work but it paid off so well. The Spirit was so strong when we taught the members and it helped Elder Wilkinson and I become pros at teaching the Restoration because we would practice during comp. study and then practice again over and over at member’s houses. We met most of the active members in just a couple of weeks.

Then during weekly planning last week we fasted to find direction. It was the most revelatory weekly planning of my whole mission. The Lord gave us so many ideas on how to hasten the work and on how to help the people we did have. I knew the work was about to explode I could just feel it. This last week we picked up four new investigators just from tracting and street contacting (and they say tracting is dead) and the ward started giving us referrals left and right. We went from no work to more work than we could handle. I just feel so blessed to be in a ward that is so trusted by the Lord to fellowship his children and to have a companion that is will to humble himself and do the "boring practices" during comp. study and tract. Even though I think tracting is super fun haha :) Over all I just feel super blessed.

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