Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Murrieta "a great place to grow"

Haha the subject title for this email is what's written on the mouse pads at this library, I thought it was a pretty true statement. Sorry about not sending any emails yesterday, the library was closed yesterday for labor day. So I'll make up for it now. Sorry for not really ever being specific or descriptive with legistics and stuff, that's probably a lot of what would be more interesting to you guys. I'll try to be better starting now :)

So I've lived in apartments my whole mission, always with just my and my companion, never a four man. Mom and Karie will be glad to know that Elder Wilkinson and I have one of the cleanest apartment in the Zone :). It gets up into the 100's but normally cools off at night here in Murrietta however it's been uncommonly humid here this past week and feels a lot like San Antonio. I have been in car shares my whole mission which is where you share your car with another companionship. I think this is the best and most effective way to use cars because half the week you get to ride bikes and talk to people on the street and be seen by members working hard. And then the other half you can just go visit everyone who lives on the outskirts of your area. We have car 3 days a week here but I would bet that we will be full time bike next transfer just because of the influx of missionaries and the fact that our area is pretty small and flat (unlike Encinitas). We still run every morning which is an adjustment for the Riverside missionaries that were in Murrietta when the boundaries changed and are now Carlsbad missionaries but it's ok because they'll get over it. Oh and I think we'll be getting Ipads in about 4 months.

All of the missionaries in our Zone are currently involved with a service project where we help the city every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning. Right now we're painting fences at a park. The goal is to become the city's main sorce of service work so that they can trust us with larger projects.

The work is going great here, we've met so many good people in this town :) the place is growing on me quicker than any other area I have served in.

 Elder Orgill

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